Stok Palace

Towering over a hill overlooking the valley of Singey Sangpo, popularly known as the Indus River, the 200-year old Stok Palace is an endearing landmark, historically, aesthetically, architecturally and socially.

The Sentinel of
Ladakhi Heritage

Occupying a high altar of reverence amongst the people of Ladakh, the Namgyal dynasty has resided in the Stok Palace for centuries now. Opened to the public in 1980 with the blessings of the Dalai Lama, Stok Palace today is a boutique and heritage hotel in Ladakh that encapsulates all that this mysterious and beautiful land is.

The Welcome

At Stok Palace Hotel is indeed a special one. The embodiment of everything Ladakhi, the Palace is the proud sentinel of a millennium of heritage, tangible and intangible with its enduring rituals and traditions, the mural adorned walls reverberating with the chants of our in house monastery. The cultural curiosities on display to the culinary magic created in our traditional kitchen, experiencing Stok Palace is experiencing the entire Ladakh, at least enough to convert anyone into a Ladakh lover.

Ladakhi Culture

Your Stay

The Stok Palace continues to be the snug abode of the Namgyal dynasty with a rich legacy and heritage of a millennium. The exquisite decorations and the tasteful curation of every element, most of them antiques brings home the reality of the sophistication and finesse of this region and its artistic accomplishments even when isolated and far removed from the more accessible lands.

Stok Palace is now a boutique hotel, opening its doors to the hallowed hallways and courtyards with even a private monastery within.

Stay at Stok heritage hotel in Ladakh
Stay at Stok heritage hotel in Ladakh
Stay at Stok heritage hotel in Ladakh
Stay at Stok heritage hotel in Ladakh

Chulli Bagh

Contrasting with its freshness, of orchards in bloom, fruits, flowers and fragrances suffusing everything, a lightness is in the air with cottages built with ancient techniques but modern tastes. Combined with a stay at the Stok Palace, Chulli Bagh offers the complete and inclusive experience of Ladakh.


Chulli Bagh


The Home Series

Ladakh, the land of the impossible entices the adventurer and explorer in you. High mountain passes and impenetrable snowy citadels cradling lush valleys with blue elixir bubbling white as it crashes, hurtling down to the plains - these are the imagery that fuels the dreams of many explorers.

Austere homes and opulent monasteries, scorching winters and pleasant summers - Ladakh is a non-intuitive country where everything you have lived and known is upended. Inhospitable terrain gives rise to a hospitable society, warm and welcoming. In this land of antithesis, Stok Heritage Palace stands as a beacon, since a millennium, shining forth, with the glow of an ancient culture and tradition, unparalleled.  



Embark on a culinary adventure at Willow Restaurant, where flavors from around the world converge in the breathtaking landscape of Ladakh. Indulge in the finest international cuisine amidst the serenity of the Himalayas. Bon appétit!


Quintessential Ladakh!

Ladakh is a land of festivals with each season bringing a different story and celebrations. The world is yet to realize the true complexity of Ladakh and it's rich heritage. Stok Palace has been the epicenter of Ladakhi culture for centuries bringing the best of Ladakh to the world and vice versa, adding and reinvigorating the living heritage of Ladakh.

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