The Stok Home Series

Stok Heritage Palace has welcomed guests for centuries, once as rulers of Ladakh, ushering in trade and prosperity; in recent times welcoming discerning travelers from across the world who coming searching for a deeper and truer connect with the land they travel.

The Stok Home Series is the latest offering by HH Jigmed Namgyal who envisions a series of charming ‘outhouses’ laid across the unexplored routes of Ladakh transforming into beautiful stays for the intrepid traveler who more often than turns away from the beaten path. 

Zimshag is the first of them.

Zimshag is a place of meditation, introspection and such was built cozy and insulated from external elements. A two-minute stroll from the magnificent Stok Palace takes you to a charming cottage amidst shrines and stupas. For sixty years Zimshag has seen members of the royal family take to meditation here with the aunts of HH Jigmed Namgyal embracing the spiritual path to enlightenment. His uncle lived out his end of days here, deep in meditation while serving the Hemis Monastery.

Into such an oasis of calm, serenity, and spirituality, Zimshag welcomes you. A lively 5-minute walk takes you into the natural wonder of Chulli Bagh where the apricot trees leave you spellbound whatever the season. 

Zimshag Outdoors
Jim's Jungle Retreat

One with the land

Built using traditional techniques, harnessing the strengths of locally available materials, the architecture of Zimshag is not just sustainable, it is deeply spiritual and calming. A meditation home, Zimshag was designed for silence and warmth, offering the perfect respite whether in peak of summer or the harshest Ladakhi winter. Made contemporary with modern amenities in the bath and powder rooms, the authentic charm is retained unblemished.

Zimshag Architecture

A place to reconnect

Zimshag is free of distractions, ideal for you to reconnect - with yourself if traveling alone, or with loved ones. A conscious choice to omit TV, Wi-Fi, air-conditioning, and intercoms is to facilitate this. Our deep love and reverence for our land does not permit us to service you with use of plastic in any form. Fresh, filtered water from the mountain streams bottled in glass bottles are served complimentary in lieu of plastic packaged drinking water. 

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