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Homestays in Ladakh

Stok Heritage Palace has welcomed guests for centuries, once as rulers of Ladakh, ushering in trade and prosperity; in recent times welcoming discerning travelers from across the world who coming searching for a deeper and truer connect with the land they travel.

The Stok Home Series is the latest offering by HH Jigmed Namgyal who envisions a series of charming ‘outhouses’ laid across the unexplored routes of Ladakh transforming into beautiful stays for the intrepid traveler who more often than turns away from the beaten path. 

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STOK Home Series

Ladakh, the land of the impossible entices the adventurer and explorer in you.

High mountain passes and impenetrable snowy citadels cradling lush valleys with blue elixir bubbling white as it crashes, hurtling down to the plain

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