Lamayuru (Yuru gompa) is a Tibetan Buddhist monastery in Lamayuru village, Leh district, Ladakh. It is located at an elevation of roughly 11,500 feet, near to the Fotu-la (pass) on the Srinagar-Leh route. Lamayuru, located 115 kilometres from Leh, has two yearly masked dance festivals in the second and fifth months of the Tibetan lunar calendar, during which all of the monks from the neighbouring gompas congregate to pray. Make your stay at Best Heritage hotel in Ladakh that offers the true essence of heritage.

Lamayuru is one of Ladakh’s largest and oldest gompas, with a population of about 150 regular monks. It had once accommodated up to 400 monks, many of whom are currently stationed in gompas in nearby communities. According to Drikung legend, the Indian scholar Naropa (956-1041) purportedly forced a lake that flooded the valley to dry up and established Lamayuru Monastery.

The oldest remaining structure at Lamayuru is a temple named Seng-ge-sgang, located at the southern extremity of the rock and credited to the legendary builder-monk Rinchen Zangpo (958-1055). The ruler of Ladakh tasked Rinchen Zangpo with constructing 108 gompas (monasteries), and many gompas in Ladakh, Spiti Valley, and the surrounding regions date from his period. The oldest gompas, those from Rinchen-period Zangpo’s — Alchi and Lamayuru, as well as the less accessible Wanla, Mang-gyu, and Sumda – belonged to none of the Tibetan schools whose creation they predate.

They were taken over at some point by the Ka-dam-pa, and as it declined, they were taken over again, this time largely by the Ge-lugs-pa. The exception was Lamayuru, which was claimed by the Dri-gung-pa for some reason. The gompa was originally composed of five structures, and portions of the four corner buildings may still be seen.

How to Get to the Lamayuru Monastery

Lamayuru monastery is located 115 kilometres from Leh on the Leh-Srinagar National Highway (NH). The highway is in good shape and is carefully maintained. The monastery is 2.5 hours away from Leh town. After a short uphill drive, it is located close to Moonland. The monastery is just adjacent to the highway.

When is the best time to visit Lamayuru monastery?

From mid-April through October is the best time to visit Lamayuru monastery.

Lamayuru tourist attractions

Visit the Lamayuru gompa, one of Ladakh’s oldest gompas erected on a hilltop. Visit the moon land formations in Lamayuru on your way to Leh. The Fotu-la pass is about a 15-minute drive from the monastery to Kargil. Wanla monastery is located 30 minutes from Lamayuru. Plan a vacation to Ladakh and enjoy the incredibly beautiful cold desert while staying in our Luxury hotel in Ladakh.

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