Ladakh’s Yak Safari is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Because of its large girth and thick, shaggy body, riding a yak is incredibly pleasant. These animals are rare and can only be found in a few places, such as Ladakh. You will experience amazing vistas of lakes, mountain ranges, and stunning ravines as the Yak makes its way across Ladakh’s rugged landscape. This magnificent creature makes a kind, unpretentious tour guide that will warm your heart. The Ladakh tourism department strongly endorses and promotes yak safaris.

The Yak – Born to be Tough
In the Ladakh desert, the yak is the largest animal by far. This enormous animal is about 6 feet tall and weighs an average of more than 1000 kg. The Yak can endure the strong blizzards that frequently hit Ladakh thanks to its thick black coat of protection. The yak migrates to lakes, valleys, and marshes during the harsher winter months from its original habitat, which is at an elevation of over 6000 meters.

The people of Ladakh use yaks to transport loads and provide milk, wool, and meat, as well as manure. Although this animal’s big, curving horns can give the impression that it’s ferocious, it is actually docile and friendly. Feed the yak you encounter some bread or cookies to experience it for yourself!

The joy of Yak Safari
Ladakh’s Yak Safari is a safari with a twist. It is a Ladakh-specific experience. A once-in-a-lifetime adventure, riding a yak through lakes, glacier valleys, bubbling streams, cascades, chiseled snow peaks, meadows, and woodlands. It provides stunning views of the high peaks in this rough terrain. On request, a Yak Safari is organized. Everyone who wants to go on a Yak Safari in Ladakh should respect the modest demeanor of this magnificent animal. Additionally, travelers are urged not to mistake the yak’s extraordinary kindness for his frailty or sloth.

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Things Not to Do on Yak Safari-
On a yak safari, avoid doing the following things at all costs since you risk upsetting the animal and putting your own safety in jeopardy. The animal may lose its friendly attitude and tolerance once agitated and revert to its full power.

-Never feed a yak anything without first getting permission from the yak guide.
-Don’t torture the yak in any manner, including by pinching or pulling its hairy coat.
-Don’t attempt to beat the yak with a stick in order to enhance its speed; instead, let the yak guide handle it.
-Do not alter the placement of the saddle on the yak’s back.

If you wish to take a lengthy Yak Safari to several locations in Ladakh, Zangsti Main Market in Leh is the perfect spot to start your search, where you can also visit our Heritage hotel in Ladakh. Yak Safari costs between Rs.150 and Rs.400 per hour. Depending on the Yak service provider, the prices may change. The normal length of a tourist Yak Safari is two to three hours. It is advisable to go on a Yak Safari between the hours of 9.00 A.M. and 7:00 P.M since yaks have a difficult time navigating at night due to their weak vision in the dark. If you reserve a Yak Safari in Leh, you can go on a yak ride to the Leh Palace, Monastery Thiksey, and Monastery Phyang. It will be a memorable occasion.

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