We’ve got some good news for you if you’ve been planning the ultimate trip to Ladakh. The Siachen Folk Festival, which is in its sixth year, will take place in Nubra Valley on June 5 and will showcase the region’s culture and heritage. The event, which aims to promote the region’s rich culture, also aims to raise awareness and bring the Silk Route, one of the world’s oldest trading routes, to the fore. 

What to Expect at the Siachen Folk Festival in Ladakh


The Siachen Folk Festival was created to preserve the old silk route trade’s tradition. It’s an attempt to educate people about Ladakh’s rich cultural history. A large number of guests, both domestic and international, attend the two-day festival. You can stay at Stok Palace Hotel in Ladakh, while attending the two-day festival. Towering over a hill overlooking the valley of Singey Sangpo, popularly known as the Indus River, the 200-year-old Stok Palace is an endearing landmark.

The Siachen glacier is one of India’s most difficult army base camps, and it’s an exciting region to visit for individuals who enjoy adventure travel. Travelling to Ladakh is never complete without experiencing the local culture, cuisine, and crafts. Chamshen Pologround, the festival’s location, isn’t your average polo field. When this area was an important commercial route, it was used as a polo ground. The festival is vibrant and colourful with classic archery contests attracting large crowds. Various organizations perform cultural songs and dances. These activities are intended to teach the current generation about the beauty of their culture and the need to conserve old traditions and customs.

Every year, the festival draws many Indian and international visitors.

After the festival, you might want to look around the area. The Bactrian camel ride, also known as the double-humped camel ride, is said to be the best at this time. Hunder, 124 kilometres from Leh, is the region’s final visitable settlement. Its breathtaking scenery, complete with white sand dunes and double-humped Bactrian camels, will transport you to Central Asia. Bactria, the historical name for the region between the Oxus and Indus rivers, is the source of camels’. If quad biking is something you’re interested in, the Hunder sand dunes of Nubra are a terrific spot to go. 

The natural hot springs of Panamik are the most well-known feature of the town. Because of its high sulfur concentration, the water from these hot springs has medicinal benefits. Taking a bath in the hot springs while surrounded by gorgeous peaks and the chilly desert is an unforgettable experience. While the water may appear extremely hot at first, it gradually improves and becomes really pleasant. Your jet lag will dissipate in no time. 

From here, you can also explore the 250-year-old Ensa Monastery. Whatever you decide, you’ll all agree that this is the greatest time to visit Ladakh and enjoy the outdoors. There are plenty of good places to stay in Nubra Valley. You might opt to stay at our hotel in Ladakh, Stok Palace, exuding its traditional charm with low doorways and enigmatic corridors. The suites are located on different levels of the palace. There are 4 Standard Suite Rooms, The Royal Suite, and The Queen’s Room to choose from, each affording the simple luxury of a comfortable bed, well-furnished suites, and elegant en-suite bathrooms. Allow the Siachen Folk Festival to be the highlight of your summer vacation. 

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