My trip to Ladakh

My trip to Ladakh was the most awaited trip in my life. Bollywood films only added fuel to the fire (enchanting scenes from 3 Idiots and Jab Tak Hai Jaan). So in the first week of May, I finally got a chance to visit Ladakh – a trip that has left me with lifelong memories and has permanently imprinted startling sights of this enchanting place in my mind!

Even the roads leading to Ladakh have their eccentric charm. The very first glimpse of snow-covered heaven brings a twinkle to your eyes! Imagine looking down on a peaceful, placid, greenish-blue lake – isn’t it lovely? 

Or Imagine being greeted by magnificent mountains-that was a welcome I could never forget. In Ladakh, nothing is more enchanting than natural handiwork. As you approach Leh, you are greeted by silent white mountains that are made famous by none other than our Bollywood films and also, the Ladakh hotels where I rested gave me an exotic experience.

Listen to logic

I would recommend that first-time visitors to Ladakh must spend their first day assimilating to the climatic conditions. Two things had an epic shutdown for me. Logic and reason dictated that I take a break.

But my insatiable curiosity kept me nagging to know and explore this place. Thankfully food came to the rescue, My friends who ventured out without having rested returned feeling unwell or queasy. The Ladakh Hotel’s delicious Thukpa and tsampa not only piqued my interest but also convinced me that exploring can wait; a lazy nap cannot.

The Rustic Appeal

The days spent on the itinerary allowed Ladakh to shine in all of its glory. It’s a world of rugged valleys, snow-capped mountains, endless hills, barren lands, clean and winding roads, and the mystical Lamas, whose centuries-old monasteries have kept their allure. 

The meeting of the Indus and Zanskar rivers is a rare occurrence. From a distance, the two water bodies are easily distinguishable.

Magnetic Hill is a rare phenomenon that astounds everyone. For the uninitiated, the hill has magnetic properties that can pull cars uphill and force passing planes to raise their altitude to avoid magnetic interference. If you get tired after covering a few stops along the way, you can rest at Gurudwara Pathar Saheb.

You will be served hot tea here. Trust me when I say that one cup of tea is enough to refresh your senses for the hilly ride ahead. The Pangong Lake, undoubtedly one of the most peaceful (and beautiful) places on the planet, is Ladakh’s most well-known (and rightly so!) attraction. Is it possible to hear the sound of a duck moving on water? Only at the Pangong Lake, of course! You can stand here knowing that across the turquoise waters lie the mountains of Tibet, an even more remote and beautiful land.

A trip to Ladakh will provide you with plenty to see, cherish, and bring back. I have an endless supply of memories, and you will as well.

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