Stok Heritage Villas

Set amidst old apricot, walnut and willow trees, travellers here can enjoy apricot blossoms in the month of April, mesmerising autumn colours in October, a quaint dinner setting with wood-fire under a star studded sky, or experiencing the ethereal moon light lying on the hammocks, nature at it best.

Exclusivity, the main purpose as the property houses only four cottages just for the discerned traveller and ultimate privacy.

Built with traditional materials, the idea of luxurious spaces not 'in your face' but free flowing, humble sans decoration. The garden scape not manicured intentionally but rather of untouched serene beauty.

The rooms look into this ancient garden scape, one could read, enjoy tea etc. around the individual commune sit around with full fledged kitchenette, with abundant natural light in all rooms, guests feel this utmost with nature. All rooms are individually heated and well insulated with natural materials.

The cottage interiors are hand built with love anonymous, wood and mud being primary materials, no industrial finishes used. The lighting diffused using traditional rice paper adds serenity and calm in the evening. The design is not of the 'excessive as luxury' but decluttered for that very human touch to soothe and calm. The bath and powder room feature modern amenities in a traditional setting, rather like a room against its intended use.